Investment Philosophy

Serving as fiduciaries to our clients, Walls Investments always places our clients’ best interests first and foremost. After carefully analyzing our client’s risk tolerance, financial needs and objectives, Walls Investments develops and implements a personalized portfolio and wealth management plan. This plan is designed to be dynamic in approach in order to avoid the large price declines typically associated with bear markets in either stocks or bonds. This “tactical” asset allocation strategy, employed with great success for our clients in 2008 and 2009, differentiates us from the passive management approach used by many investment managers and stock index funds.

Walls Investments utilizes a top-down macro-economic viewpoint to guide the investment process and then conducts a bottom-up analysis to identify specific securities to maximize gains. Avoiding the large portfolio drawdowns associated with secular bear markets, this global tactical asset allocation approach produces solid long-term portfolio performance and mitigates client anxiety in periods of steep market price declines.

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